Liquid Trio Experiment 2 – When The Keyboard Breaks: Live In Chicago

2009 will see Ytsejam Records branch out with releases by select Dream Theater side projects on their new «Lazy Tomato Entertainment» label.
Coming this Spring will be the long awaited live CD and DVD releases by Liquid Tension Experiment.
But to whet your appetite until those titles are ready to go, we will launch Ytsejam’s side-project offspring with the release of the LIQUID TRIO EXPERIMENT 2 – «When The Keyboard Breaks: Live In Chicago» CD.
This is the infamous «jamarathon» which took place at LTE’s June 25th 2008 show in Chicago when Jordan Rudess’ keyboard broke down. Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci and Tony Levin proceeded to play and improvise almost 1 hour of insane musical madness to a stunned audience.
This was an unbelievably unique evening that can now be shared for those not fortunate enough to have been in attendance that very special night.
Click here to purchase:

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